Have you heard of TikTok? Or have you recently come across small video clips on your Instagram or Facebook account that advertise something called TikTok?

We have. The first question we asked ourselves was: “What is this?” “Is this a new trend?” and “Can we use it to boost marketing results?”

In this article we’ll answer these questions and tell you why your business needs to implement this tool in your long-term social media marketing strategy.

What is TikTok and why is it useful for your content marketing?
TikTok is a mobile application that allows you to create and share very short videos, between 15 and 60 seconds. Videos can be customized with different effects and animations.

The app is distributed by the Chinese company ByteDance and is available only for mobile devices (iOS and Android); it is not yet available for Desktop.

TikTok app works as a social network where the community shares small video clips about their daily life and can accompany them with their favorite music. This platform has become in recent years one of the favorites for teenagers.

How does it work?

To start using TikTok, the first thing you have to do is download the app to your Smartphone or tablet. Then, register with your name or nickname; you can also use your phone number or email.

The interface is similar to Instagram. On the home page you can see the most popular content uploaded by other users, as well as what the system “suggests” according to your profile.

On the right side of each video you will find 4 icons:

The first one is the user profile and by clicking “+” you could follow it.
The second one, in the shape of a heart, will allow you to give the “like” (you can also do it by double clicking on the video).
The third one allows you to make comments.
The fourth is for sharing the video on other social networks.
How to create a video with TikTok?
To create a video, simply press the “+” button on the bottom bar and follow the instructions.

Once your video is recorded, you can personalize it with filters, stickers, animations and more than 100 emojis.

You also have the option of using fun filters, such as motion or mirror deformity; Vr filters, which are activated by blinking or opening your mouth; and Chroma Key and Greenscreen effects, which are used to create particular backgrounds.

The app offers a slide-out interface that allows you to type quickly and conveniently with your finger.

Videos can be recorded directly from the app or loaded from its own gallery.

TikTok aims to challenge Instagram visualizations in mini-videos. Its users share not only the famous lip-sync, with which it attracted the attention of youngsters, but also the ability to create themed videos of magic, make-up, sports, food, animals, DIY, etc. with fresh and fun designs.

Why is TikTok useful for your content marketing?

Considering that in the first quarter of 2019, TikTok exceeded 1 billion downloads, it’s clear that there are many people who are passionate about the phenomenon and that it’s not just for teenagers, even if this group is still the reference.

This also means that you can reach customers in different countries and grow your business.

Although it may seem like another fad, the Social TikTok platform could represent a serious threat to its precursors like Snapchat and Facebook. The application was downloaded 663 million times in 2018 alone and has become popular in India.

In addition, 90 % of the app’s users use it anytime and anywhere, whether at home, in shopping malls, schools or on the way to work. Not convinced?

The innovative ad formats offered by the platform can greatly increase your ad exposure and interaction.

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