Some time ago, most of the guys who made the decision to join a gym to increase their fitness and build muscle mass were mainly aiming to build up as much muscle mass as possible. They did not pay much attention to how the gained muscles looked on their body. The only thing that mattered was a huge amount of muscle mass, and that was what was considered impressive muscle building results at the time. But times have changed. Building muscle is no longer just about being exceptionally strong and looking huge. Many men today want to build muscle primarily for style and attractiveness.

It’s not necessarily a bad idea to aim for massive size when building muscle. If that is what you want, you can work towards it. However, a giant body of the bodybuilder type is only good for reflecting strength and maybe intimidating a few cowardly people. However, if your intention is to get a good looking body that appeals to the opposite sex, you should avoid looking too much like a bodybuilder. The correct approach is to strive for a body that looks slim and athletic, like the type of male fitness models. These men build up muscles, but do not become overly muscular. They stick to an average size because excessive muscle mass simply ruins the appearance of their well trimmed, slim and muscular body.

Male fitness models focus a large part of their training on getting an exceptional definition for their body rather than getting lost in a workout for more and more muscle mass. They spend a lot of time on cardio to burn body fat. For this reason, male fitness models usually have a very low body fat percentage, a visible abdominal muscle definition (not always six-packs, but nicely toned abdominals) and a really dense muscle mass. So if you look at a fitness model, you will find that his looks are no longer appealing and that it makes women admire his muscular physique. The same cannot be said of guys who choose professional bodybuilder physique. They get respect for the fact that they are very muscular and strong, but not the kind of admiration that boys who have the physique of a fitness model get for their aestheticism.

Boys who have an average amount of muscles with exceptional definition can dress in all kinds of stylish clothes and look hot. Look at any male celebrity who has this kind of muscular physique and notice how gorgeous they look in clothes. Check out Taylor Lautner, the actor, and Nelly, the rapper. These guys have the ideal physique and look stunning in their clothes. These men are also known as sex symbols for women because of their shape. I don’t know about you, but I prefer to have a slim and muscular physique like these guys and attract the attention of women rather than looking bulky like a bodybuilder, just to prove that I can lift heavy weights.

How do you manage to build muscles for a beautiful muscular look?

These are the main factors that influence the appearance of a muscle: the amount of muscle mass, the fat stored with the muscle and the degree of muscle density. To get the right look for your muscle, you must control each of these elements properly when you run a program. The unfortunate thing is that most muscle building programs do not show you how to treat all three factors in the same program.

Some of them may be good at teaching you how to build muscle, but they do not show you how to burn body fat effectively and seriously enough to become ultra-lean, and how to increase muscle density to harden the muscle you gain. And these steps are crucial to making your muscle look really attractive. If you want a muscular body that looks stunning in every way, you need to use the right program that addresses each of the 3 factors listed above.

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