Society has changed a lot in the last 20 years and the Internet is to blame for this. We now live in a world of instantaneousness, of wanting everything now, making the consumer a proactive user.

What is the reason for this? Because now we have a wonderful search engine called Google, which in less than 2 hours we can be experts on any subject, analyzing and comparing the best prices and studying the pros and cons.

20 years ago to have so much information available instantly was unthinkable. Therefore, we have reached the era of selling by screen, of showing your service or product on the Internet making the process of selling by distance and as a consequence colder.

For that reason, today’s web pages must be designed to generate maximum confidence and a satisfactory user experience. In this post I explain how to achieve this with a few simple steps.

Have a unique selling proposition

What do you have that no other dentist has? Surely all dentists will be similar, we could say that all “pull teeth”, of course some will have more experience and quality, but we are not talking about that.

We are talking about the value of the company and that value must be enhanced. Because the Mercadona with “Always low prices” is not the same as Lidl with “Quality is not expensive”. Therefore, the company must be studied very thoroughly, investigated, analysed and conclusions drawn in order to have the best unique sales proposal.

Selling on the internet is not an easy thing, you have to work a lot on a good strategy. If you are interested in opening an e-commerce I recommend that you read the article I wrote about the advantages of Selling on the Internet.

User experience

How many times have we entered a website and left after 3 seconds?

Probably a lot, right? Well, that would be a lousy UX. To achieve an optimal experience you need two fundamental aspects. On the one hand, the technical details of the website, such as speed, optimization and functionality. And on the other hand, the graphic design.

These two factors make that if they go in the same direction and in consonance they create a very powerful platform for the user, helping him to find what he is looking for, without getting lost and understanding the message at first. Because if you want to sell Pizzas, the user has to understand within 3 seconds that you are selling Pizzas.

Graphic design plays a very important role to achieve the best experience, apart from persuading the user. Other key factors are usability, details, not loading the page with too much content… and in general letting the content “breathe”.

Building trust

It’s not about saying all the time that you have the best restaurant. It’s about saying to the user, “Look what I have”, “Look how I do it” “Look how many people come to my Restaurant” It’s about that, in the same way that a big commercial sells you a 50.000 euro car, well something similar, but with subtlety and that’s right, a lot of honesty and sincerity..

Generating trust can be in many ways, you can talk in the “About me” and explain a little of your history, how you started, who helped you and in short, transmit humanity and sincerity. Because in the end, we are people selling people. And because we are very curious, we like to know who is behind this restaurant.

Positioning in Google

Almost everyone knows that if you’re not on Google, you don’t exist. And that’s true. Nowadays, the user has become a “prosumer” who, when he needs something, searches for it in Google. And that magic web gives you millions of results, but people only click on the first 5-8.

So there are many strategies: Online advertising, Social Media, Social Selling, Seo Tecnico, Seo de contenidos, Blog, etc. Let’s say you sell shoes and you would love to have your store on a famous street, let’s say Calle Preciados in Madrid. Well, what a Marketing Consultant does is put you on that very street so that everyone can see you and enter your store.

Latest technology

Everything we have talked about before, if we do it with a 15 year old website I think it will be impossible. So in the middle of 2019 we must use the best web technologies always achieving the best and lightest code. Everything is related, if you use the best technologies you can achieve the best user experience.

It is also very important to activate the SSL security protocol, which will help us to have the web encrypted on the internet, until recently it was a must for e-commerce and banks, but now Google is penalizing all the webs that do not have the certificate. I recommend that you read a very interesting article from the OCU that talks about insecure websites.

Transmit a message

If you make a nice, fast and optimized web but the user does not understand what you do, does not click and does not send forms of little use. The web has to transmit a message correctly. And many people think it is a sentence, not friends, a message can be many things.

A good example would be to place an image in the header with a good copy and below put the three value proposals with the problem and solution. This transmits much more than any proposal to fill the web with everything we do and have. That’s why it’s so important to transmit the message correctly.